Education, Strategies and Support for Autism Spectrum Disorders

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Located in Little Canada, Minnesota, Dynamic Connections is a new homeschool academy that has been developed to provide a uniquely tailored educational opportunity for children with autism and their families.  We address the core deficits of autism in a dynamic learning environment by looking beyond the symptoms of autism to the underlying gaps, in order to help families and children grow and develop.

Things can be better. 

We have identified four unmet needs of children on the autism spectrum and their families:

  • Remediation of the core deficits of autism to improve neural integration:  Dynamic Connections directly impacts and improves neural connectivity to impact the core deficits of autism rather than compensating for the lack of neural connectivity and dynamic skills. 

  • Increasing dynamic intelligence:  Dynamic Connections provides an environment which develops dynamic skills (integrating information in a variety of ways such as peer relationships, friendships, and independent functioning) rather than an over-emphasis on the development of static skills (facts, figures, procedures, and scripted social skills).

  • Establishment of the guided participation relationship:  Dynamic Connections believes the teacher/parents should be in a leadership role in the learning process rather than having a teacher delivering information to a passive student in a lecture style of teaching. 

  • Consistency between home and school environment:  Dynamic Connections utilizes a team approach where teachers and parents have equal responsibility for learning rather than teachers coordinating the bulk of the learning. 

Unique Services:

Dynamic Connections is dedicated to providing a different kind of educational environment that is tailored to remediating the core deficits of autism.  Recent research in the autism field has shown that the core problems in autism stem from poor neural connectivity in the brain; how the brain communicates with itself rather than how autistic people communicate with other people.  Providing a dynamic learning environment will strengthen the neural connections in the brain, thus directly impacting the underlying variables that cause autism.  These underlying causes are not dealt with in traditional autism programs, which tend to focus on static intelligence and behavior modification, rather than remediation.  The only way to improve the neural connections in the brain is to require the brain centers to work together and the best environment for this is one in which dynamic skills are developed. 

Family Involvement:

At Dynamic Connections, we believe that family and community education is key to the success of any program to remediate autism.  As such we offer 'Parent Education' programs for any parents/caregivers of children on the autism spectrum, allowing them to establish a similar learning environment outside the classroom.  Dynamic Connections differs from other schools and programs in that we involve the whole family in the treatment of the autism and not just the child on the spectrum. 

If there is to be hope of gaining a good quality of life, the family's lifestyle should also be built around dynamic learning.  We will provide the help and support needed to do this; tailored to your family's particular needs. 

By promoting a dynamic environment on-site and elsewhere, Dynamic Connections helps prepare children for future challenges, such as:

  • improved success in middle school and high school.

  • attending college.

  • obtaining and keeping peer relationships.

  • getting married.

  • participating in satisfying employment.